The IRONMAN is the name given to the longest triathlon on earth
3.8km (2.3 miles) swimming, 180km (112 miles) biking then 42.2km (26 miles) running for a total of 226km (140 miles) to do in less than 15h
To complete an IRONMAN in 2018 is my new challenge



The first trial is the swimming one. We have to swim in the sea for 2.3km (2.3 miles) in less than 2h15 to be able to bike.


The second trial is the biking. We have to bike 280km (112 miles) in less than 7h30 to be able to go running.


The third and last trial is the running. We have to run 42.2km (26 miles) in less than 5h15 to complete an IRONMAN.

A fundraising against cancer

I'm not trying to race the IRONMAN, i'm just trying to successfully complete it and raise money against cancer

Cancer is a disease we are all affected by, from near or far, at one point during our lives

Today, thanks to research, we can cure more than half of the cancer

By giving money to research, you help scientist to get enough money to keep searching for a cure to the others cancer. One part of your money is also used to help people already touched by cancer

Together, let's get rid of cancer !

Be part of it

I create an fundraising page on Alvarum. If you're willing to support me, it'll be toward research against cancer

You can make a donation until August 31st 2018

I'm not going to touch the money; every cents of your donation will go toward the League Against Cancer

You may have a tax reduction depending on your country. For exemple, in France, a 100€ donation will cost you only 33€ !

Donations closed

Goal : 5000€

When this goal will be complete, you'll be able to vote for the color I'll dye my hair !

Money raised


3685€ / 5000€


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Last news :

A new donation

The french association des Rouges Barres just made a big donation to show their support !
A big thanks to them !

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